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2013 MGA Quiz Answers

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2013 MGA Quiz Answers

Postby dormie1360 » Fri Mar 15, 2013 3:06 pm

Answer Sheet – 2013 MGA Rules Quiz

Question Answer Rule/Decision/Comment

#1 c R8-1a, R2-2, Dec 2-2/1
#2 d D11-5/3, R20-5, R20-7
#3 a R20-6, R26-1, R20-2c(vii)(c), R20-7
#4 d R27-1, Def. Lost Ball
#5 b 28, R9-2b(i)
#6 d D23-1/7, D13-4/9, R1-2, D1-2/3
#7 b R27-1a, R24-1b, D25-2/8
#8 d D6-3a/3, R8-1a, R8-1b
#9 a Def of ESA in Appendix 1-B-2-b-1
#10 d R18-2, R20-7c, R28
#11 a D13-4/7
#12 b D1-4/12, R13-2
#13 d R20-7c
#14 b D13-4/13; D13-4/13.5
#15 b D1-4/12, ex.6
#16 d D30-3f/4
#17 c R15-2, D15-2/4
#18 a R27, R13-1, R15-2, R15-3b, R20-7
#19 d R17-1, R24-1
#20 b D25-1b/13
#21 c R13-4. R28, D13-4/2, D13-4/35.8
#22 a D13-2/30
#23 d D23-1/10
#24 d R9-2
#25 c R13-4b, R18-2a, R26
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