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Myths or does it really happen?

Use this section to get an answer to your rules questions.

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Myths or does it really happen?

Postby MikeH » Wed Apr 03, 2013 5:30 am

Thought I'd share a few 'eye openers' I've come accross over the years - some I've actually experienced and others been told about. Not intended as any deep discussion ....more of a little light hearted post. Would be interested in any other wierd and wonderful interpretations.

Buying a Putter – when a player forgets his putter at the previous green he may hole out using a fellow competitor’s putter. However, this must be first purchased and not simply borrowed as this would be a breach of the Rules. He may sell the putter back to the f/c after holing out……wow, how ingenious.

Wrong or Right Ball – if a player identifies a ball as his and plays a stroke there is no penalty if the ball is a wrong ball as the player had already identified the ball as his, so it therefore cannot be a wrong ball…….right?

Ball lost in Tree – if a ball lodges in a tree and cannot be found or identified, a player may take a drop at the point of entry into the tree……..free drop no doubt.

Lateral Water Hazard – when proceeding under R26-1c the ball must be dropped within the 2nd club length and remain within that c/length when it comes to rest……really?

Gin /Air shots – only count as a stroke if the player’s stroke was not being impeded otherwise the air stroke does not count toward the player’s score for the hole.

Branches impeding player’s swing – a player whose intended area of swing is impeded by a branch or branches may have them held out of his way by a fellow competitor or his opponent. However, he must not request them to do this nor must he himself hold the branches out of the way.

Ball at rest moved – if a player drives his cart over his ball in play or accidently kicks it and the ball moves there is no penalty unless he previously knew his ball was there. The ball can now be played as it lies or replaced at the discretion of the player.

Ball in Bunker – a player may play as it lies or to maintain pace of play may take a penalty stroke and drop at the point of entry.

Ball falls of tee at address - if a ball when teed falls off when addressed there is no penalty unless the ball rolls forward beyond the tee markers in which case the ball is now in play and the player is deemed to have made a stroke.

Rules of Golf – are not really applicable to everyday club golfers.
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